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Ken Rotich interview: " I would love to continue the work on the benefit of the Kazakhstan's track and field"

Gulzhanat Zhanabek finished her 3-week training camp in Kenya and yesterday went with coach Kenneth Rotich to the Asian Games which will be hold in Jakarta.The Press Secretary of the Club asked the coach a couple questions.


How was the training camp?

- Unfortunately, we have prepared for the Asian Games in the shortest time possible, something only about a month, when the minimum period of preparation for any marathon is about 3 months, if the athlete is not in a confused condition.


For what reason you did not have enough time for preparation?

- During the training camp in June, Gulzhanat said that she was not included in the national team for the Asian Games, and accordingly to that information we started training with an eye on the marathon in the second half of autumn. However, at the last moment it became possible to include her to national team, and we changed the training plan in a harsh manner. After all, to represent your country is a pride for any athlete, and she, I'm sure will do her best out of possible.


In general, did you manage to fulfill the planned training plan?

- Of course. Every day we moved accordingly to the plan. The first week was "incoming", since the height of 2400 is not easy for anyone. In general, I want to say that personally I and the entire Kenyan marathon group in our camp warmly greeted Gulzhanat and we highly mark her potential as a marathon runner.

- I would like to continue working with her for the benefit of Kazakhstan athletics with great pleasure.


What do you expect at the Asian Games?

- Well, in such a short preparation period it's difficult to say something .... We hope to improve her personal record. This is a sport, we are going to observe her condition at 6.00 am on August 26.

Altay Athletics Press-Service

Published on: 23 august, 2018