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Guido Tognoni about Altay Kids Cup and athletics in Kazakhstan

General Manager of the Club answered on couple questions about upcoming children competitions Altay Kids Cup and state of athletics in Kazakhstan.

- Dear Mr. Tognoni, this year the Altay Athletics Club plans to hold a children's regional competitions called  Altay Kids Cup, following the example of our partner VfG/LCZ . What are your thoughts about it?

- That's a very good idea. The Kids Cup organized all over Switzerland by LC Zurich is every year a big success with far over 100'000 children participating. Swiss track and field today is in a much better shape as many boys and girls were infected by track and field via the Kids Cup. We should not forget that running, throwing and jumping is the most natural sport. It's just a matter to motivate people to create a huge base for these activities.

- You have been working in the Club more than 7 months so far, what in your opinion has changed in the state of the athletics in Kazakhstan on the present date?

- All of a sudden there is awareness for track and field in Kazakhstan. There is not only a new president and general secretary of the federation, but also a new spirit. They talk about track and field, and Kazakhstan was showing its potential at the recent Asian Indoor Championships in Tehran by finishing first in the nations' ranking. Altay Club, inspired and supported by the Governor of East Kazakhstan region, Danial Akhmetov, will be the role model for other clubs, and with clubs all over the republic of Kazakhstan there will be a new structure for this sport. Success makes hungry for more success. That's the best what can happen to track and field.


Press-Attache of the Club

Published on: 14 february, 2018