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Daisy Jepkemei: "After becoming part of the Altay Athletics Club, training and planning mode became more professional"

A few days ago a member of the Kazakhstan professional club Altay Athletics, Daisy Jepkemei, took second place in the 86th annual cross country Cinque Mulini IAAF cross country permit, which has been held in San Vittore, Italy since 1933. At the end of the competition the athlete shared her emotions and told about change in the career, after joining the Kazakhstan Club.

- We congratulate you on the successful completion of the competition. How do you feel? Are you satisfied with the result?

- Thank you for your congratulations! This is my third start of the season already, while I'm only in the middle of my optimal condition. I feel a little tired. Of course, I'm happy with the result.

- On the past competitions - cross country in San Sebastian, which have been held since 1956 you took the first place. How is it – literally leave mark in history?

- Undoubtedly for me this is a great event, always with pride perform in any competitions, well, if happens to win a tournament with a big history, it's pleasant in a double.

- The start in Italy for 5000 meters was awaiting you and you won again. How difficult is it to perform in such busy schedule?

- In fact, this schedule is the most optimal for support of professional level. It is very interesting to perform, and sometimes it is more useful than simply training. Such a busy schedule is a credit to the management of the Club, which provides invitations to tournaments.

- In San Vittore, on the 86th annual Cinque Mulini cross country permit, you took 2nd place, while Nora Jeruto, who also is a member of the "Altay Athletics" club, took the fourth place. Does the competition with your colleagues by the club affect you?

- First of all, sport is a rivalry with yourself, an improvement of your own results and progress. I'm always happy to perform with my fellow teammates, we support each other and celebrate our success together, regardless of the place taken.

- How is the preparation going?

- I always train in a very strong mode. Targeted training, under my coach Kenneth Rotich ,for example - sharpening various techniques to avoid injuries, is the basis for stable results in competitions. Since the moment I became a part of Altay Athletics, the training regime and planning became more professional, and I increased my demands to myself.

- You perform at quite a long distances, recently at 8.9k, and very soon you will perform at 5k. We all know that in order to perform in such distances, it is necessary to work purposefully. How do you manage to tune in to such dramatic change of distances (both morally and physically)?

- Each race is always a separate story. The main thing is to concentrate on the goal, stick to the chosen strategy and focus on your strengths. I want to become a part and driver of the growth of athletics in Kazakhstan.

- By looking at your photos, the Altay Athletics Club logos are involuntarily evident. Has anything changed in your sport life since the moment you became a member of the club?

- For every professional athlete entrance into a professional track and field athletics club is an important stage in the sports career. Getting support from the Club had a positive effect on the schedule of my performances, as well as in the training process. This year, Altay Athletics has provided invitations to participate in top international competitions. I am surrounded by people who understand the sport and are interested in my success and career development. I, on my side, appreciate the support of the Club.

- During the time you of your club membership, you along with other Kenyan athletes, relentlessly please us with your medals. How important is this for you? And do you pursue any specific goals?

- I think the goal of every athlete is to win only the first places. In addition to personal goals, we have a common goal - it is the success of the Club and Kazakhstan on the international sports arena.

Press-Attache of the Club

Published on: 12 february, 2018