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Coach of the Club Werner Dietrich draw conclusions to technical training

Swiss coach after two weeks training with Nadezhda Dubovickaya: „Goals of the practice were accomplished“. The high jumper Nadezhda Dubovickaya is the first athlete of Altay Club who was sent for an individual training camp in Europe. The experienced coach Werner Dietrich was impressed. He sees for Nadezhda a lot of potential.


What was your impression of Nadeshda?

- It was quite positive. She is a young athlete with good self-confidence and a lot of potential. She has plenty of charisma and is surely an asset for track and field and for the Altay Club. It was a special pleasure to work with her and her coach Ivan Khizhnyakov, and I would like to thank both for the confidence I got from them.


Did you as coach see something special on Nadezhda?

- I think she has in each sector potential to work on successfully. She can improve in every segment of the jump, from starting, the jumping up to crossing the bar. Also regarding the physical strength a lot more can be done, regarding speed, power and stabilization.


What should be the next steps to exploite her full talent?

- The most important is patience. She is only seven years in track and fields, that's a short time. Nadeshda must work carefully on her technical skills and in parallel improve her athletic strength. It would be wrong to put too much pressure on her today. The Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020 can be, but must not be a goal yet. Important is that she stays in good health and that she takes care of her body with sufficient recuperation, enough sleep, good nutrition and other measures to stimulate recreation.

Werner Dietrich on training practice with Nadezhda Dubovitskaya Werner Dietrich on training practice with Nadezhda Dubovitskaya

Werner Dietrich on training practice with Nadezhda Dubovitskaya


Did you already have similar experiences with foreign athletes?

- No, this was for me virgin soil. But with all my top athletes I always worked the same way as I did with Nadezhda and her coach Ivan. I always was looking for contacts with other coaches, preferably in foreign countries. It is important to be always accessible for all new aspects without loosing your own track. Copying is not a mode for success, however being willing to learn is the right way to do so.


In your country Switzerland there a more female top athletes than males. Is there a specific reason for that development?

- I think that in Switzerland the women are in sports more ambitious and more quality minded than the men. On the other hand sports like football, ice hockey and swinging, a sport which is only practised in Switzerland, are a very big competition for track and field.


What are the most important points to observe for a country like Kazakhstan which is seeking for a new orientation in track and field?

- As I said for the individual case of Nadezhda, a very important factor is patience. With quick success only you cannot achieve a long standing development. There must be invested a lot in the education of coaches. Of course the youth must be excited for track and field. By the introduction of the Kids Cup an important milestone is set for now. In addition there must be athletes with charisma serving as idols. And the opening towards Europe is surely a good way to gain additional experiences and to profit via personal contacts, training camps and participation in competitions.

Media officer of the Club

Published on: 03 april, 2018