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Coach Bogdan Vesselskiy about internship in Switzerland

Coach Bogdan Vesselskiy is now holding a two-week internship in Switzerland, under the guidance of the Club’s partner coach Werner Dietrich, in the National Elite Sport School of Swiss Olympics in Amriswil. He shared his observations and impressions with Press-Attaché of the Club.


Bogdan, please share what were your first impressions of that internship?

- This is my first trip to Europe, namely to Switzerland, to the training center of the Olympic team of Switzerland “National Elite Sport School of Swiss Olympics” in Amriswil. Upon arrival at the place of my internship, this town incredibly impressed me and seemed very calm and colorful. People here are friendly and sympathetic. Around it there are beautiful mountains and fresh air. I have never had difficulties in communication and I can always find a common language with people. I have acquainted with the trainers and athletes, we discussed the tasks for the internship period and started to work.


Have you noticed any special differences between European practices from Kazakhstani?

- During my stay here I noticed many differences in coaching and the overall organization of the training process, especially I was impressed by the interest of athletes in their results, the constant analysis of training, the rich material and technical base of professional equipment and sports equipment.


What would you like to receive from this internship in terms of coaching experience?

- Since this is a different country, a different mentality and a different approach to the training process, I try to get as much as possible in the trainings. I try to analyze and record what is happening in the training process. In terms of coaching experience for me, I am interested in the general organization of the training, the construction of a training plan at different stages of the tasks solving, a set of new impellent exercises for the types of athletics that interest me, communication with international athletes and much more.


What, in your opinion, is not enough for domestic coaches in comparison with European ones?

- In general, our material and technical base has expanded significantly in recent years, a lot of sports equipment is appearing, training conditions are improving, various coaching courses are carrying out, and there is an increase in the number of people involved with the advent of new sports facilities. In my opinion, our trainers are followed to produce a qualitative selection of athletes for fruitful work and achievement of high sports results. Namely, to analyze and take into account all the physiological possibilities of those involved, to change attitudes and methods of sports training, to pay more attention to the health of athletes and to constantly supplement their knowledge with scientific literature!

Press-Attaché of the Club

Published on: 30 april, 2018