Results of the February 2018

The month of the February for the Club passed accordingly to the Plan. Athletes of the Club continue the planned preparations for the Track Season.

Olga Rypakova and Varvara Nazarova held a two-week trainings in Thailand, based on Thammasad in Bangkok.

Caroline Kipkirui showed a phenomenal result on the RAK Half Marathon in the UAE - 1:05:07, ahead of the current world record holder in this discipline - Joyciline Jepkosgei.

Каролин Кипкируи, RAK Half-Marathon

Каролин Кипкируи, RAK Half-Marathon

Daisy Jepkemei and Norah Jeruto conducted a European training camp, alternating the training process with participation in the Cross Country Permit IAAF, while performing in these starts on the so-called fatigue background, but the results were quite high. By the way, Jepkemei won the first IAAF certified road race for 5k in the Naples.

Shadrak Koech spent a month taking part in the Kenya Cross Country Series, and he also did not interrupt the coach's planned physical load, preparing for the most part for the track season.

Artur Gafner, held an individual educational training camp with the senior coach of the national team of the Republic of Kazakhstan for javeline throwing in Oskemen. The next stage of his preparation is Turkey. Management of the Club is systematically trying to bring Artur to commercial launches in the current year.

On the second and third stages of the Cup of the Republic of Kazakhstan in our city, in the arena "Olga Rypakova", the Club's athletes won eight first places and four second places, while Elina Mikhina set a new record for the RK who stayed more than 11 years in the 400 m indoor race - 52:53 . In the same race, Svetalana Golendova also ran out from 53 seconds, and passed the standard to participate in the individual run at the upcoming World Indoor Championships in  the UK.

Элина Михина на Кубке Казахстана по легкой атлетике в помещении

Элина Михина на Кубке Казахстана по легкой атлетике в помещении

Of course, the main event of the month for us was the expansion of the Club! So, five promotional agreements have been concluded with some of the best Kazakhstan athletes - Aigerim Shynazbekova, Victoria Zyabkina, Svetlana Golendova, Mikhail Litvin and Irina Ektova. The purpose of this cooperation is the creation of better conditions for Kazakhstan athletes and their registration through the Club for international commercial launches of the IAAF. This is a very big work for us, and we look forward to working together to implement it.

Also, foster of the East Kazakhstan region Nadezhda Dubovitskaya (high jumper) joined the Club. At the Asian Indoor Championships this month, she took third place with a result of 185 cm. The club connects with her certain hopes, and planned for this athlete a technical training camp in Europe in March, on one of the bases of the Club's partners.

In conclusion, I would like to say that with the direct participation of the Department of Physical Culture and Sports in the East Kazakhstan region and with the support of the Athletics Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Club started preparatory work for the launch of the universal children's competition "Altay Kids Cup", these competitions are planned to be held following the example of the VfG/LCZ , which for five years has involved in athletics more than 160 000 children across Switzerland, organizing in their country the competition - UBS Kids Cup. The dates of the competition are May-September 2018.

And finally, at the upcoming World Indoor Championships in Birmingham I wish successes to the National Team of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and separately I want to wish good luck to the three athletes of the Club taking part in it - E. Mikhina, S. Golendova and M. Litvin.

"Altay Athletics club" is with you!
More detailed information about all the results of the Club members can be found on our website in the section - Seasons.

Seisembekov A.