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Competitions of the 2nd stage of the ALTAY KIDS CUP were held in Oskemen

Second stage of the competitions among children ALTAY KIDS CUP continues.

Competitions have been held already in 11 regional towns and cities of the East Kazakhstan.

The last competitions of the 2nd stage are going to be held on October 26-27 in 8 regions at the same time.

On the October 18th and 19th competetions were held in Oskemen in the athletics centre "Olga Rypakova".

At the first day of the competitions the girls of the 3 age groups were participating, at the second day the boys. In total more than 700 children have participated during two days, and only 18 people from 700 were able to be qualified to the ALTAY KIDS CUP finals.

Finals will be held on November 4-5 in Oskemen. 19 teams will gather and compete for the main prize - the Cup of the ALTAY KIDS CUP.

This year the winners of the competitions in each discipline ( ball throw, 60 m run, long jump) and in each age group will take the great prizes. 

Published on: 23 october, 2018