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Nikita Filippov took part in the Grande Premio Brasil De Atletismo

On July 8th, Nikita Filippov performed at the IAAF Challenge Grande Premio Brasil De Atletismo (Brazil) international competitions in the city of Bragança Paulista (Brazil).

In total, 7 participants from Brazil, Argentina, the Philippines, the USA and Kazakhstan took part in pole vaulting.

Opponents of Nikita Filippov are the world-class jumpers: Olympic champion in 2016 Thiago Braz da Silva took third place (5.40 m), Cole Walsh - first place (5.60 m), Augusto de Oliveira - second place (5.50 m). Nikita Filippov did not take the declared height.

Photo source: Carol Coelho/ CBAt

Published on: 12 july, 2018