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Interview of the head coach of the Kazakhstan national team in the athletics - Viktor Yevsyukov

Victor Aleksandrovich Evsyukov set a world record in javelin throwing in 1986, today he is a representative of the coaching staff of the Kazakhstan national track and field athletics team and a senior trainer for throwing. At the moment he is training Arthur Gafner in Ust-Kamenogorsk.


- Viktor Alexandrovich, how is the preparation for the season 2018 of the Club's athletes going, namely Arthur and Varvara?

- Preparations for the 2018 season began slighlty differently as we planned initially, since we are still treating the previous trauma, and it certainly initially prevented us from gaining the basic reserve that would allow us to train at a high professional level. But even so, we must show the result 76 - 80.

- What are the main tasks for Artur Gafner and Varvara Nazarova this year?

- The main task is to comply with the standards for the Olympic Games and get there in the finals.

- What competitions do Artur and Varvara plan to perform this year?

- In connection with the fact that in Kazakhstan there is no stadium where you can throw, we will look for competitions abroad.

- What do you think is necessary for the training of international athletes in javelin throwing?

- To prepare athletes, first of all, the conditions are necessary: ​​to sleep well, eat well and in response to caring the athlete will show the result.

- In your opinion, how did the establishment of the Altay Athletics Club affect the state of athletics in Kazakhstan, especially the young athletes such as Artur and Varvara?

- The creation of the club, of course, gave the necessary impulsr for the development of athletics, and it also created tremendous support for young athletes.



Published on: 23 february, 2018