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Interview of Ivan Khizhnyakov after the end of the internship in Switzerland

14-day internship in Switzerland for Nadezhda Dubovitskaya and her trainer Ivan Khizhnyakov was ended. Upon its completion, the coach Khizhnyakov answered the questions of the Club's press attaché.


Ivan Sergeyevich, welcome back! How was the technical training?

- Hello. The internship took place at a very high organizational level. We were considered very seriously. For us were created excellent conditions for living and training.


On what factors in the work of Nadezhda’s jumping you were recommended to put extra attention?

- With us has been working several specialists, who studied our possibilities in detail, and gave a lot of useful recommendations. This applies to technology, and physical training, and medical issues.

Nadezhda in the training process in Switzerland

Nadezhda in the training process in Switzerland


Have you received something new in coaching for yourself as a specialist?

- I stressed for myself that we are working in the right direction. I saw how the best specialists in Europe work. I made a lot of useful conclusions for myself.


Are you and Hope satisfied with the work done?

- We are very pleased with the opportunity to supplement our experience of training and knowledge.


Do you plan to use something from your knowledge in your work in Semey?

- Naturally, we will apply the recommendations received and make some adjustments to the preparation process. This is a long, hard, but very interesting work!

Media officer of the Club

Published on: 02 april, 2018