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Results of the April 2018

The second month of the spring for the Club was very saturated in terms of managerial work.

The theme line of the previous month was the registration of our athletes for the Diamond League Meetings in Doha, Shanghai, Oslo, as well as for the starts in Boston and Bangalore.

The long-awaited league kicks off on May 4th in Qatar and it's nice to remember that the Diamond League in 2017 ended up successfully for the club as we had the whole set of medals; such as gold medal of Olga Rypakova, silver and bronze medals of Kipkirui and Jeruto respectively.

At the same time, with the support of the Kazakhstan Federation, the Club managed to register two of its athletes for a large-scale athletics competition - Adidas Boost Boston Games 2018 in the US. There will be Daisy Jepkimei and Caroline Kipkirui.

Meanwhile, in the middle of April, the Director of the Final of the Diamond League, as well as the head of the VfG/LCZ  and "UBS Kids Cup" - Andreas Hediger came to visit us.

At the request of our General Manager, Guido Tognoni, Andreas shared his experience of the biggest infant sports competition in Europe, the “UBS Kids Cup”.

We are extremely grateful to the General Manager that he insisted on the arrival of Andreas to Oskemen, who is the one of the most influential person in the modern track and field athletics.

The President of the Kazakhstan Athletics Federation Danial Akhmetov welcomed the Andreas, who in his turn explained to him the purpose of the visit and presented him the competition number signed by the world record holder Usain Bolt, who as you know one of the few stars in athletics who never missed the Meetings in Zurich.

Akim of East Kazakhstan Akhmetov D.K., Guido Tognoni, Andreas Hediger

After summing up the master class from Andreas I would say that:

Over 2 days of lectures, the event was attended by more than 112 coaches, teachers of physical culture and sports workers. Lectures were taught on seven themes and workshops were held. An open exchange of views of the parties involved in the seminar was also held.

We, as the Club, will certainly apply the experience gained in the upcoming competition “Altay Kids Cup”.

Andreas Hediger, Guido Tognoni, Head of the Dep. Phys.Culture and Sport Mozhanov A.B., Director of the Club Seisembekov A.R.

This month our athletes took part in the Athletic Championship of Kazakhstan, and Varvara Nazarova and Artur Gafner won these competitions again.

Caroline Kipkirui took part in the IAAF Golden Label Prague Half Marathon and finished second with the result 1:06:09. At the same time, an important factor for us was the appearance of our sports form on the IAAF Golden Label half marathon. The pacemaker organized by the Club was wearing our form and systematically led Caroline to the finish line.

Olga Rypakova conducted training camp based on "Gloria Sports Arena" in Turkish Antalya.

Also, there were training other athletes and promoters of the Club as part of the national team, such as Arthur Gafner, Nadezhda Dubovitskaya athletes and promoters Aigerim Shynazbekova, Victoria Zyabkina, Svetlana Golendova, Mikhail Litvin and Elina Mihina.

By their return from the training camps, Mikhail Litvin and Irina Ektova participated in the Spring Championships of Kazakhstan and took the first place there, Mikhail in the distance of 400 m - 48 seconds, Irina in the long jump - 5.95 m.

Athletes of the Clun on the base  "Gloria Sports Arena"

To prepare for the track season Norah Jeruto and Daisy Jepkimei had an 8-day technical practice with the coach Michi Ryegg on the base of the Olympic team in Switzerland in Lugano. The goal was to improve the practice of jumping over hurdles. This knowledge was also adopted by their personal coach Kenneth Rotich.

Varvara Nazarova continued her training under the guidance of her personal coach in Thailand, based on Thammasat University.

Norah and Daisy on the training base in Switzerland

But in conclusion, I want to say that, while continuing to carry out the strategy of the President of the Federation Club posted since the beginning of this spring, the second coach of the East Kazakhstan region, namely Bogdan Vesselskiy went to hold a practice at partner of the Club, Werner Dietrich in the Academy National Elite Sport School of Swiss Olympics.

 On the threshold of May, and we are anxiously awaiting official track starts!

Seisembekov A.