The Interview of Nadezhda’s coach Khizhnyakov Ivan

Since yesterday, Nadezhda Dubovitskaya is holding her first European technical internship in Switzerland city of Zurich.

Nadezhda's personal coach, Khizhnyakov Ivan Sergeyyvich, also went there as an observer, and the Press Attache of the Club took a short interview with Ivan Sergeyevich.


Ivan Sergeyevich, what is conditions of Nadezhda now, after the last Asian Indoor Athletics Championships in Tehran and the Kazakhstan Cup in athletics in Ust-Kamenogorsk?

- The winter season for Nadezhda gone stable and without injuries. She showed good results, took first places at the Kazakhstan Cup in track and field events and took bronze in the Asian Indoor Championships. Now we continue to gain optimal competitive conditions.


What are your main expectations from the upcoming internship in Switzerland?

- From the internship we are expecting the new approaches for the preparation and technical execution of jumps.


Are you planning to perform at commercial events of the IAAF this year?

- If there will be an opportunity to perform at commercial events, then we will participate in them for sure. Nadya needs experience of performing alongside with high-class athletes.

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Published on: 15 march, 2018