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Results of the National Championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan Youth

15 regional teams participated in the passing National Championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan Youth (2001-2002). In a stubborn struggle, the Karaganda team scored a victory with 24053 points, leaving behind the team of the East Kazakhstan region, which collected 23740 points during the competition, and thus outstripped the Almaty team, which scored one point less, namely 23739 points. Athletes representing our region showed very good results and took the lead in the ongoing competitions.


Running 200m: 1st place - Tarasov Efim 22.27sec, 2nd place - Fheshchenko Vladimir 22.85sec.

Running 400m: 1st place - Tarasov Efim 49.17sec.

Leap in height: 3rd place - Bakhtin Vladislav 1.90cm.

Hammer throw: 1st place - Lukichev Dmitry 48,54cm.

Relay race 4x100 in the composition of Feshchenko Vladimir, Pasha Valery, Tarasov Efim, Raev Alexander took 2nd place!

The girls running 100 m: 3rd place Bromat Valeria 12,55sec.

Running with barriers 2nd place: Demchenko Daria 14,83sec.

Running 400m with barriers: 1st place Alexandra Egorina 1.06,89sec.

Leap in height: 1st place Matveeva Elizabeth 1.74 cm., 3rd place Ustinovich Elina 1.65 cm.

Throwing a hammer:1st place Koloshina Anastasia 52m15cm., 3rd place Tolegenova Leila 38m10cm.

All-around: 1st place Kharitonova Kristina 3595 points.

Relay race 4x400 2nd place : Mitrofanova Regina, Egorina Alexandra, Matveeva Elizaveta, Kaisanova Aigerim.

Just in parallel to the National Championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan Youth the National championship of the RK was also held, where athletes of our region had also a distinguishing performance: 

110 meters with barriers: 3rd place - Kartayev Ramiz 16.43 sec.

Hammer throwing: 1st place - Vladimir Aleksey 49m19cm.

Girls 110 meters with barriers: 1st place - Efremova Ekaterina 58.16sec.

100 meters with barriers: 3rd place - Zricenova Oryngul 14.92sec.

400m with barriers: 2nd place Malezhina Svetlana 1.06.04sec.

Long jump: 1st place Zavodina Anastasia 5m 74cm.

Javeline throw: 1st place Nazarova Varvara 48m 56cm.

Published on: 15 may, 2018