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About the club

«Altay Athletics club» - is a professional club of international level. Created by the example of the leading European club with almost a century of history.

Goals of the Club

  • 1. Preparing and training athletes for the national team of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as its base ClubPromoting Kazakhstan's positive image abroad
  • 2. To become one of the leading athletics clubs in the world
  • 3. Stimulating the development of the club system in the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • 4. Promoting Kazakhstan's positive image abroad

Tasks of the Club

  • 1. Prepare at least one winner at the Olympics 2020 for the RK team
  • 2. Delegate to the national team of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the Olympics 2020 at least 4 athletes.
  • 3. Involve at least 5000 children and young men by 2020 in the EKR, in the system of competitions of the club in various disciplines of track and field athletics.